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Growing Wisdom with David Epstein

Growing Wisdom with David Epstein

As a gardener, garden blogger and garden YouTuber myself, I always like to keep in touch with what other garden folks are doing online. I recently came across Garden Wisdom as a suggested video on one of my own garden videos and had to check it out. David’s most recent video in on “Art in the Garden”, a topic that is interesting to me, too.

If you need and additional garden fix after reading or viewing my own A Gardener’s Notebook, you can’t go wrong with Growing Wisdom with David Epstein.

Growing Wisdom Web Site

From the Growing Wisdom Web Site…

I started this site to give you information about your yards. I have been gardening nearly my entire life since my Grandfather gave me a package of tomato seeds and my Nana taught me about bearded iris. I want to combine my knowledge of horticulture with my love of weather to give you weekly information about what to do in your yard, that week.

If the weather is going to affect the garden, you will hear about it here first.

Over the years I have been fortunate to be able to put together my love of gardening and television into the forerunner of this sight. For over three years I hosted Extreme Garden Makeover on WCVB in Boston and brought scores of weekly tips to viewers throughout the region. Now, with the ability to put video on the internet I can bring these video tips to you anywhere.

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