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On YouTube: Protect Your Garden Greens & Plants from Rabbits: Thrift Store Shopping! from Gary Pilarchik

A great way to protect your plants while recycling/re-using. We are looking for something similar to this as the netting we used gets tangled in everything and makes it difficult to weed the beds when needed. For us, we don’t have rabbits in our garden here but rather squirrels, skunks, opossum and raccoons.  While the […]

Our Earth Day Garden Addition – New England Arbors “Athens” Vinyl Arbor $128.24

We have been meaning to get a trellis for the Lady Bank’s Rose in the front garden for a long time, but it wasn’t growing very fast and we concentrated on other, more important tasks. That all changed this Winter and Spring, though. With the large amount of rain we had — along with the […]

One Board Birdhouse via Instructables

I have another One Board Birdhouse project (see Project: One Board Birdhouse), but you can’t really have too many. I like this project because it plans for the need to clean out the bird house each season which many people neglect, but it is very important for the health of your garden birds. — Douglas […]

Garden Vocabulary: Coppice/Coppicing

Garden Vocabulary: Coppice/Coppicing Coppicing isn’t as popular or known as it was in the distant past, although experienced woodland managers might use it to provide supplies for building wattle fencing or other garden/farm structure, especially for historical recreation projects. If you have access to a woodland with trees that respond to coppicing, you might be […]

Noted: Sustainable Garden Watering with Ollas

I have previously written (and created videos) on my own use of ad-hoc olla (like wine bottles) in my garden. Here is a bit more information from Kitchen Plot) — Douglas Read Sustainable Garden Watering with Ollas via kitchen plot An interesting link found among my daily reading Read more on this topic: Noted: Propagating […]

Noted: Propagating plants from cuttings

We can always use more plants and FREE plants at that! Check out these techniques for making more plants all the time — Douglas   Read Propagating plants from cuttings via Sunset Magazine An interesting link found among my daily reading Read more on this topic: Noted: DIY on a Budget: $30 Mini Concrete Planters […]

Noted: Free Nesting Box Plans for Wild Birds – Empress of Dirt

Create some new homes for the birds in your garden with these plans and information — Douglas   Read Free Nesting Box Plans for Wild Birds – Empress of Dirt via Empress of Dirt An interesting link found among my daily reading Read more on this topic: Building a Native Bee Box Noted: Dirty Secrets: […]

On YouTube: Gardeners’ World 2017 – Episode 1 (HD)

I make time to watch Gardeners’ Word from the BBC any time I get the chance. They just started their 50th Season this week. One great segment they’ve added for this season is an interview with a major influence in gardening each episode. Garderners’ World is my brief respite from the “real world” each week. […]

Noted: Dirty Secrets: 10 Ways to Improve Garden Soil: Gardenista

I compost here in my garden, but I am always looking for additional tips and hints on how to improve the soil I already have. Check out this great article from Gardenista for more information on how to build your own garden’s soil. — Douglas   Read Dirty Secrets: 10 Ways to Improve Garden Soil: […]

Succulent Stump

Succulent Stump This is a nice way to reuse the stump of an old tree in the yard. The plants are well-chosen both in size and color.  Follow A Gardener’s Notebook on Facebook Learn more about California gardening in these books from Amazon.com * A portion of each sale from Amazon.com directly supports our blogs** […]