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Geodesic dome protects cob house and family of 6 in Arctic Circle via Urban Organic Gardener

  When you think about living in the Arctic Circle you often imagine a modern structure with modern facilities. Truth be told, architecture has a long history of keeping a good idea over the years. That is why this cob house under a geodesic dome is all you need in order to have a good […]

Garden Decor: Wattle Edging and Fences

I’ve always loved the look of wattle fencing. It is a bit time consuming to build yourself, but it is an excellent way of using on-site materials to brighten yo your garden or homestead. All it takes are some sticks and time. — Douglas You’ll find more example of wattle fencing and edging — along […]

Garden Decor: Antique Doorknob Flower and Herb Drying Display

I love these antique doorknobs and doorplates repurposed in this way. I think you could use it in any number of ways depending on how sturdily you mounted it to the wall.   This photo has become disassociated from its original source, though. If you have any idea where it came from, let me know. […]

Garden Decor: Bring Light and Movement to the Garden with a DIY Wind Spinner via Garden Therapy

I believe I have some wire like this lying around after a previous project. Add this to a few marbles from Joe’s old toys and should be easy to put these together. —Douglas   This easy-to-make garden decoration spins in the wind, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion where it looks as if the marble is […]

10 Easy Pieces: Wooden Elevated Planters via Gardenista

I am always looking for different styles of planters for my own garden and a new community garden I am working to get started in Sherman Oaks. The community garden needs to serve people of all abilities and these elevated beds can be great for older folks or others who are limited in their mobility. […]

A Gardener’s Notebook: The Guilty Gardener  – 3 in a series – Galvanized pipe doesn’t last forever

A Gardener’s Notebook: The Guilty Gardener  – 3 in a series – Galvanized pipe doesn’t last forever Douglas E. Welch Forgive me for a moment… Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, welcome back to The Guilty Gardener. What do I have to feel guilty about today? Oh […]

A Gardener’s Notebook: The Guilty Gardener  – 2 in a series – Progress? A Little!

A Gardener’s Notebook: The Guilty Gardener  – 2 in a seriesDouglas E. Welch As I had hoped — but hadn’t really expected — writing the first piece in this new series actually got me motivated to do something in the garden. Who would have “thunk” it?! One point that helped to get me moving was […]

Repotting the coleus via My Instagram

Repotting the coleus A bit of transplanting in the garden yesterday.  Join the Gardener’s Notebook Mailing List  and Follow Learn more about coleus † * A portion of each sale from Amazon.com directly supports our blogs ** Many of these books may be available from your local library. Check it out! † Available from the […]

The Ten Commandments of Community Gardens via City of Sydney, Australia

I was looking for items to share on the site for our local community garden project, The Community Garden of Sherman Oaks,  and came across this great poster from the City of Sydney. A great place to start in your community garden. Sometimes the simplest rules are the ones we need to be reminded about. — Douglas […]

How to Build a Raised Bed with Benches via Bonnie Plants

How to Build a Raised Bed with Benches via Bonnie Plants This half-day project makes gardening easier and more comfortable. It’s higher than most raised beds, so you don’t have to bend over quite as much, plus it has a bench on each side so you can sit while you plant, weed, and harvest. This […]