Douglas E. Welch



Los Angeles, California
Phone: 818-804-5049

I became a gardener once again after purchasing a house with a lovingly planted and tended, 10-year-old garden. I have now been her 15 years myself. I don’t consider myself a gardening expert. Much of my garden survives on benign neglect. I do, though, love what my garden — and all gardens — represent. They are small piece of nature held near and dear. Not matter if you garden consists of several acres or some containers on a balcony, there is joy to be found in “messing about in the garden” — to paraphrase The Wind in the Willows.

Join me here on A Gardener’s Notebook to watch me “messing about in MY garden.”

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  1. Lindsay says:

    We are trying to find out how we can purchase the seeds or plants for a small green tomatoe that looks like a watermelon. Our friends got them from you. Can you help us out? Thank you, Lindsay Steinhouser

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