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Video: New Media 101: Visibility for your work is the best SEO from


Why do you do it? we;;. first of all, to feed the search engines. My joke is — you may hear the term Search Engine Optimization. there are company’s out there — some of you may actually be doing this for people — of where you try to improve their search engine ranking. My joke is, my method of Search Engine Optimization is to bury Google in data. Ok? If you search on Douglas E. Welch. If you search on Doug Welch. I am the first hit in Google for Douglas Welch. I am the second hit for Doug Welch. That is a pretty common name. I know, because I see all the other Doug Welch’s that pop up. I dont’ do any gaming. I don’t do anything special. I don’t really thing about it that much, but what I do do is when I have something to say, I make sure it gets on one of my blogs. I put it out there. Google indexes it. It knows more about me because I put more out there. That actually is one of your first goals in a blog. It is to simply get more information out there. Why? Visibility for what you do and how well you do it.

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