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Video: New Media 101: What are search engines looking for?  from


The fact is, the search engines actively try to prevent from gaming the system and so they hide their algorithms — the way they rank people behind, inside a “black box.” We don’t know actually what’s going on inside of that black box. We can make some assumptions and that assumption that I just gave you is one, which is, it seems to be through, you know, if you we study our stats and everything else, the more often we update our web sites, the more likely that search engine is going to come back and reindex our site. Because it learns. It says, “Wow, this site is updated on a daily basis. I need to go back there every day.” And you can actually text this. You may know that there are ways of putting in searches in Google — a system called Google Alerts — you can actually put in a vanity search and say put in your company name, put in your personal name, whatever. You’ll actually see then, when you post something, you’ll see an alert come back once Google has indexed that site and, in my case, I know that can post something on one of my blogs today and, within about 3-4 hours, I will see the result come back. So, I can, through kind of a weird way of testing, actually see that, Dang, that GoogleBot came around about every 4 hours and just taps my site. If you check your log files for your web site — which a lot of people don’t actually monitor their web sites and their analytics and analyze their log files — in your log files you can actually see every time, when one of these search engine “bots” comes and indexes your site. It’s another thing to kind of be aware of.


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