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Video: New Media 101: Where should you


We talk about advertising a lot in the podcasting world and the blogging world and the web world and I often use the analogy of if you are, you have an alpaca farm up in Northern California and you make the world’s best, finest alpaca yarns. Where should you be spending your advertising dollars? Are you going spend your advertising dollars during CSI at 9 o’clock on CBS where less than 1% of the audience wants to hear your message? Or are you better off advertising on a knitting blog or a knitting podcast of which there are probably at least 35 of them a last count I saw in the iTunes Podcast Directory – where 99% of the people want to hear your message. That’s what the power of blogging, the power of web sites, the power of New Media brings to you. it’s talking to the people who want to hear your message. In fact, through the search engines, they’re seeking you out. They’re coming to your site saying, “Oh, they do accounting consulting. They do computer consulting. They do life coaching. Through a search engine they found your web site. The trouble is, your web site has to be out there telling people that’s what you do so that the search engine find you and presents your results to these people so that they can then come to your web site. 


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