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May 2013

Chelsea Garden Show – Mentioned items – May 19, 2013

A few items mentioned during Chelsea Garden Show coverage today. Rosa ‘Paul’s Himalayan Musk‘ Rosa ‘Little White Pet’ Dahlia ‘Magenta Star’ Dahlia ‘Etheral’ Paphiopedilum rothschildianum Peonia ‘Coral Charm’ Cypripedium calceolus  Anthriscus sylvestris (Cow Parsley) Read more on this topic: Chelsea Garden Show 2013 this week Video: Scenes from the Southern California Spring Garden Show 2013 RHS […]

Chelsea Garden Show 2013 this week

This week marks the 100th anniversary — The Centenary — of the Chelsea Garden Show in England. I have never been able to attend, but each year I watch from afar as show gardens, new plants and new ideas a shared via the web, YouTube and more. You can check out the basic of the […]

Garden History: Henry Edwards Huntington house, Oxford Road, San Marino, California. (LOC)

Here is a view that still exists — in a large part — right up the road from me. This is a vintage shot of The Huntington. In fact, this is one of my favorite places in the entire gardens — the Japanese Garden. This is always my first destination in the garden each time […]

Tree Identification Help – What do you think it is? – Enkianthus?

Update 20130523: After poking around a bit, could this be an Enkianthus of some type? I am totally unfamiliar with this plant/tree, but it seems similar to photos I have found online. — Douglas I am taking more interest in the plants growing here in the neighborhood, so when I come across and unknown plant […]

Garden Alphabet: Dietes (Fortnight Lily)

Garden Alphabet: Dietes (Fortnight Lily) Not my favorite garden plant, as they are hugely overused and abused here in Southern California landscapes, but they do have very pretty flowers. Called Fortnight Lily as they flower about every 2 weeks during the season, the bloom only last 1 day though before disappearing completely. Dietes self-seeds dramatically, if […]

Garden Decor: DIY Log Birdfeeder

DIY Log Birdfeeder The isn’t much information on how this birdfeeder was created, but I was struck with its design enough to think about how it might be recreated. I did something like this on a smaller scale to make a little gift box. The way I did it was to use my band saw […]

Video: Container Garden Update 27: Potting up Epiphyllum and scented geranium cuttings

My friend offered up 2 Epiphyllum cuttings and also 3 types of scented geraniums. Even with today’s 100+ heat, I got them all potted up an don the bench.Fingers crossed for lots of new plants in a few weeks. Can’t see the video above? Watch “Container Garden Update 27” on YouTube Watch the “Container Vegetable Garden” […]

Interesting Plant: Epiphyllum (Orchid Cactus)

Interesting Plant: Epiphyllum (Orchid Cactus) Interesting Plant: Epiphyllum (Orchid Cactus) Epiphyllum (pron.: /ˌɛpɨˈfɪləm/;[2] “upon the leaf” in Greek) is a genus of 19 species of epiphytic plants in the cactus family (Cactaceae), native to Central America. Common names for these species include orchid cacti and leaf cacti, though the latter also refers to the genus Pereskia. The […]

Video: Rust on roses from May 2006

I show off the nasty rust fungus that showed up on some of my roses. (Originally recorded in 2006) Please Like this video and/or subscribe to my channel on YouTube. Your likes and subscriptions directly reflect how many other viewers are suggested this video. Follow A Gardener’s Notebook on Pinterest Follow A Gardener’s Notebook on […]

Garden Alphabet: Amaryllis

Garden Alphabet: Amaryllis These lovely Amaryllis appear each year in my garden — which is one of the main reasons I love bulbs so much. After a bit of initial effort, they simply return again and again. In this case, I didn’t even have to plant these the first time, as the previous owners of […]