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Garden Decor: Wattle Edging and Fences

I’ve always loved the look of wattle fencing. It is a bit time consuming to build yourself, but it is an excellent way of using on-site materials to brighten yo your garden or homestead. All it takes are some sticks and time. — Douglas You’ll find more example of wattle fencing and edging — along […]

Garden Decor: Antique Doorknob Flower and Herb Drying Display

I love these antique doorknobs and doorplates repurposed in this way. I think you could use it in any number of ways depending on how sturdily you mounted it to the wall.   This photo has become disassociated from its original source, though. If you have any idea where it came from, let me know. […]

Garden Decor: Bring Light and Movement to the Garden with a DIY Wind Spinner via Garden Therapy

I believe I have some wire like this lying around after a previous project. Add this to a few marbles from Joe’s old toys and should be easy to put these together. —Douglas   This easy-to-make garden decoration spins in the wind, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion where it looks as if the marble is […]

Garden Decor: Copper-esque Planters via Bower Power

I had shared these planters with my Insta-friends but I need to show you guys how to do this because they are SO beautiful!  They are the perfect amount of fall and look great with mums.  And if your planter has a little texture to them, it really pops.  The fun part is that they […]

Garden Decor: Shrubs or Topiary Frames with Sheep Faces

I’d love to find the original source for this idea, but I can’t seem to locate it, even after a bit of time searching around. If anyone knows where this comes from, please pass it along. I think these sheep are absolutely adorable and would look great amid almost any garden. I suppose if you […]

Garden Decor: Kaleidoscope Obelisk and Tomato Cage

I came across these pieces in my Internet travels and loved how the addition of the colored glass dresses up what could be a fairly utilitarian piece of garden equipment. It gives me half a mind to retrofit my own wire obelisk with some similar elements, if I can.   * A portion of each […]

Lovely Garden House via @rachael_adkins on Instagram

Lovely Garden House via @rachael_adkins on Instagram Learn more about garden houses and shed with these books †† * A portion of each sale from Amazon.com directly supports our blogs ** Many of these books may be available from your local library. Check it out!† Available at the Los Angeles Public Library Read more on […]

14 Garden Arbor | Douglas E. Welch Holiday Gift Guide 2017

See all the 2017 Gift Guide Entries 14 Garden Arbor From Douglas… We have been meaning to get a trellis for the Lady Bank’s Rose in the front garden for a long time, but it wasn’t growing very fast and we concentrated on other, more important tasks. That all changed this Winter and Spring, though. […]

04 Garden Cloches | Douglas E. Welch Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Since so many people order their gifts online and ahead of time, I’ve decided to start my annual Gift Guide fairly early this year. This should allow you to find your favorite gifts — and perhaps recommend a few of your own wish list items to your friends and family — with enough lead time […]

Garden Decor: Today’s Coffee Break Reading at Farm Table via Instagram

Today’s Coffee Break Reading at Farm Table I walked to the library to pick up this book and grab a coffee this afternoon. Farm Table provides a nice place to grab an Americano and snack on the way back (They have some nice full meals, too)   Join the conversation on A Gardener’s Notebook on […]