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Germany: In Berlin a cemetery becomes a park and community garden via City Farmer

Cemeteries are observed in urban ecology studies for their biological qualities. The type of space, which includes the function of burial within a defined perimeter, has in fact over the years ensured the preservation of “natural islands” within the city: green areas, often informally used as parks, populated by animals, insects, trees and wild vegetation. […]

Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo via GAP Photos – Garden & Plant Picture Library

I have some bricks from a neighbor’s teardown and I think this would be a great idea to build in the garden. I’ll post photos when I make it happen.— Douglas   Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo – © Lee Avison/GAP Photos ➡️ Read Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo | GAP […]

r/gardening – Hugelkultur in progress via reddit

I have been thinking of trying out something like this and these photos give me even more desire to do it. — Douglas   Read Hugelkultur in progress – first attempt. I’m sure mistakes were made, but I had fun building my HILL 🙂 I used up all of the rotten logs from the firewood […]

Amazing Spiral Stairway With Indoor Garden Decoration via Pinterest

h/t Stephanie Murray on Pinterest I had to do a little reverse image searching to find out where this picture came from as the Pinterest user only linked to the image itself — a trait I find aggravating at best and mean, at worst, for not giving credit for the image. That said, this is […]

Mel 💚 on Instagram: “Doing what I love and sharing it with you makes me so happy ☺️ . Another cheap and cheerful wicker hanging basket to add to the collection…” via Instagram

          View this post on Instagram                   Doing what I love and sharing it with you makes me so happy ☺️ . Another cheap and cheerful wicker hanging basket to add to the collection 😍 . 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 . #hangingout . #succulents #hangingbasket #cheap […]

10 DIY Compost Bin Ideas That Take Gardening To A New Level via Home Decorating Trends – Homedit

Having a garden where you can grow your own plants, herbs, vegetables and other such things is wonderful and once you get familiar with the whole gardening concept and you understand how it all works, you can start looking for ways to improve yourself and your garden. One of the features you can add is […]

Three Ways to Turn Your Apartment into a Sustainable Garden via JSTOR Daily

Urban parks and gardens help city dwellers stay connected with nature. Then there is the growing trend of gardening within one’s living space—no matter how small. These urban gardens comprise their own unique ecosystems. More than just houseplants, if done right, these urban mini-gardens can be lush and green even inside the tiniest spaces—in courtyards, on […]

Three Simple Steps for Planting a Chaos Garden via EcoWatch

I am in just such a situation — tons of old seeds lying about — and I think I am going to try this out. This type of lazy gardening is just about my speed. (LAUGH) — Douglas   Most gardeners accumulate a cornucopia of partially used seed packets. After all, who’s going to plant […]

DIY Two-Bin Composter via Grit

All serious gardeners acknowledge the undeniable benefits of compost, and most maintain their own compost-bin system. If you want to join their ranks, you’ll need a system that can handle a large volume of material and allow easy access to finished compost. Serious gardeners tend to have lots of material from plant clippings and weeds, […]

Starting Your First Home Garden From Seed via The BGgarden Blog

  In this post I share a few tips on starting your first home garden from seed.  You will find a video and images to get you going! Starting Your First Home Garden From Seed My sister in law sent me a photo of her shopping trip the other day.  The only problem is – […]