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How I Built my Dream Greenhouse via Arrows & Twine

To say I’ve been dreaming about this greenhouse is an understatement. Ever since we purchased our first home and I got a little taste of gardening I was hooked. It’s funny how my Mom and Nana were so into gardening and as a kid I couldn’t get far enough from a greenhouse or doing yard […]

10 Helpful Gardening Tips That Actually Helped This Former Plant Killer via Urban Organic Gardener

If you’ve ever failed at something, we know it can be hard to want to try again. Don’t give up! Even the best of the best have killed a plant or two in their days. Read on to learn from this one gardener’s mistakes! “One of my go-to fantasies when life is tough is that […]

Modern DIY Trellis Designs via Centsational Style

My DIY project for the weekend is to build a planter box with trellis to support a climbing vine, and I think I’ll stain it black. Last year I built some vegetable trellises and before that a criss cross wall trellis. I still have them both and they still function and look amazing! April is the perfect time […]

Dazzling Dahlias – 28 in a series – Making a paper dahlia! via pearlpaperflowers on TikTok

Dazzling Dahlias – 28 in a series – Making a paper dahlia! via pearlpaperflowers on TikTok Make as many dahlia as you want with this paper craft project. @pearlpaperflowers Making a paper dahlia! ##paperflowers ##diy ##tiktokpartner ♬ Flowers – Omni Six   An interesting link found among my daily reading Read more on this topic: […]

Tips and Tricks for Starting Perennial and Vegetable Seeds via FineGardening

I often try to propagate new plants from gathered seeds and cutting. This can range from seeds gathered from some green onions that have gone wild, to tomato plants from the compost pile to seeds and cuttings gathered on walks or gifted by friends. It is always so pleasing to create something out of nothing, […]

Building a Garden From Scratch via FineGardening

Today Ellie Gilbert is sharing the results of 14 years of hard work. When my husband and I moved to our newly built house in Plymouth, Massachusetts, I used my fifty years of gardening experience to transform an empty and sandy backyard that included a steep and barren hill into a garden I’m now proud […]

A Spider Web Garden Seat via Homegrown Evolution

I spotted this 1920s gem on Archive.org in a promotional pamphlet, Beautifying the home grounds by the Southern Pine Association. This is the same source I used to come up with a new design for our entrance arbor and will blog about that when I put the finishing touches on it. Read A Spider Web Garden Seat […]

MudPi – Automated Garden System With the Raspberry Pi via Adafruit Industries

Grow the produce you love with less water, time and effort A scalable smart garden system that allows you to maintain controls, monitor conditions, and sustainably manage resources of your garden. MudPi is made to install on top of your existing irrigation. This way you’re not locked to any specific method or vendor. The main […]

Germany: In Berlin a cemetery becomes a park and community garden via City Farmer

Cemeteries are observed in urban ecology studies for their biological qualities. The type of space, which includes the function of burial within a defined perimeter, has in fact over the years ensured the preservation of “natural islands” within the city: green areas, often informally used as parks, populated by animals, insects, trees and wild vegetation. […]

Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo via GAP Photos – Garden & Plant Picture Library

I have some bricks from a neighbor’s teardown and I think this would be a great idea to build in the garden. I’ll post photos when I make it happen.— Douglas   Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo – © Lee Avison/GAP Photos ➡️ Read Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo | GAP […]