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In the garden… Opuntia (Prickly Pear Cactus) via TikTok [Video] (33 seconds)

Part of a series from A Gardener’s Notebook @douglaswelch Opuntia (Prickly Pear Cactus) – Started from paddles off a neighbors large cactus – showing new growth. ##cactus ##opuntia ##succulent ##gardening ♬ original sound – douglaswelch Read More Find more books on Bookshop and Help Indie Book Stores! * A portion of each sale from Amazon.com […]

Hardscaping 101: Rain Gardens via Gardenista

As soon as it starts raining, I can’t help but think of all the ways I should be saving this precious resource. My son always suggests we catch the water by putting out a bunch of buckets, and I politely tell him that while that is a solution, there are more effective ways to use […]

Three Simple Steps for Planting a Chaos Garden via EcoWatch

I am in just such a situation — tons of old seeds lying about — and I think I am going to try this out. This type of lazy gardening is just about my speed. (LAUGH) — Douglas   Most gardeners accumulate a cornucopia of partially used seed packets. After all, who’s going to plant […]

25 Gardening Tips Every Gardener SHOULD KNOW! via Urban Organic Gardener

1. If it’s getting cold and you have tomatoes still ripening on the vine — save your tomatoes! Pull the plants up and bring them inside to a warm dry place. Hang them up, and the tomatoes will ripen on the vine. 2. Companion planting is an excellent way to improve your garden. Some plants replenish nutrients […]

10 Plants Gardenista Readers Will Never Grow Again via Gardenista

Over on our Facebook page, we posed a question: What’s a plant you’ll never grow again? Gardenista readers came out in droves to share horror stories about the plants that took over their gardens, and threatened to take over their lives. Although it’s important to remember the old adage that “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” in […]

Dazzling Dahlias – 18 in a series – Growing Dahlias at Home By Roger Davis Via Longwood Gardens

Why Dahlias? If you’re looking to augment your garden with late season blooms at a time when most perennials begin to fade (usually blooming right up until the first frost), consider dahlias. Dahlias come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, and because of their variety, can be incorporated into many garden landscapes. Dahlias are also […]

Dazzling Dahlias – 17 in a series – Pompon and Ball Dahlias to Grow via BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine

All dahlias are flamboyant and gorgeous but there’s something extra special about pompon and ball dahlias, with their exquisite globe-shaped flowers. They are often seen at flower shows and gardening competitions and make beautiful cut flowers.  Pompon dahlias, as their name suggests, have pompon-like flowers – the petals curve inwards to create stunning, intricate blooms up to […]

How I use Coffee Grounds In The Garden | Bren Haas via Creative Living with Bren Haas

I use coffee grounds in my gardens, though usually as just green material for my compost bins along with all the other kitchen waste. It is good to see some other, direct, uses for coffee grounds. There is an 18 minute interview video as part of this article, too. — Douglas     Over the […]

Dazzling Dahlias – 11 in a series – How to overwinter your dahlia plants via Daily Herald

Like Dazzling Dahlias on Facebook Dazzling Dahlias – 11 in a series – How to overwinter your dahlia plants via Daily Herald When I first saw this question, I was kind of bummed. Most years I plant dahlias but this year I did not and I missed their bright colorful display in my garden. In […]

Dazzling Dahlias – 7 in a series – Roses VS. Dahlias in The Autumn Home Garden via Creative Living with Bren Haas

Like Dazzling Dahlias on Facebook Dahlias are a beautiful companion plant for the rose shrub. In this post, we discuss roses vs. dahlias in the autumn home garden. In The Autumn Home Garden Chances are if you grew up in the Midwest like I did your grandmother grew dahlias with her roses in the home […]