Flowers and trees – End of the Day for August 12, 2014

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If you follow any of my photography posts here, on A Gardener’s Notebook, Instagram of Facebook I think you will easily spot a trend. Every photographer has something that fascinates them and always catches their eye. I would say mine interest lies in flowers and trees. My albums are full of both and I think I probably take at least one flower/tree picture every day. Why? This is one of those things that I can little explain. Photography subjects, much the like music I choose, tends to be an intuitive choice, not something I spend a long time thinking about. I will simply be walking by a flower and feel the need to capture it — no matter what camera or other device I might have at hand. I am sure I make an odd site as I walk quickly walk down the street only to abruptly stop to capture some flower along my walk. I suspect my neighbors know me more as “that guy with the camera taking pictures of my flowers” than anything else about me.

If I put any thought into it at all, I think I like flowers because they are vibrant in color and endlessly unique in their design, growth and habit. The same flower can look quite different from one plant to another. The sunlight can make blooms appear dramatically different from one another. There are large blossoms that almost force you look and within you find infinitesimal details that I only real notice when I see the images on my large computer monitor.

I used to paint watercolor pictures, but my skills never quite matched with that I wanted to represent. Luckily, technology has come to the rescue and I can take my favorite photographs and turn them into pseudo-watercolor paintings like the ones below. Here is the source picture I took with my iPhone.

Flowers and trees - End of the Day for August 12, 2014

…and 2 watercolor versions created with the Waterlogue app on my iPhone.

Flowers and trees - End of the Day for August 12, 2014

Flowers and trees - End of the Day for August 12, 2014

I don’t know what attracts me to flowers and trees so much, but I do know that I will probably be stopping to take their pictures for the rest of my life.

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