An evening out — End of the Day for February 21, 2014

End of the day LogoGrowing up in a very small town, I was never one to spend evenings out, since there really wasn’t anywhere to go except the local pizza house. Of course, I spent waaaaay too much time there, but otherwise it was a very quiet small town life. In college, Rosanne and I spent so many hours in the theater we rarely ever “dated.” An evening out at Miles Pizza after the show was about as far as we got.

Even as young marrieds in Los Angeles, we sometimes went out for dinner and show, but we were never types to go to clubs, although the Iguana Cafe coffeehouse saw us for many hours over our years in North Hollywood. Once we had Joseph, of course, our evenings out had to be more planned and scheduled, but we had some great babysitters so we got out even now and then.

Now that Joe is almost 16, we can go off and do our own thing in the evenings, if we want, and we have made a few excuses over the years to make that more frequent. I call LA Friday Coffee meetups every so often and now we have the Food Truck Fridays at Creme Caramel LA within walking distance of the house, so that makes it easy. We just have to get our own lazy butts out the door, but we do get out a but more frequently. We will, hopefully, have a micro-brewery in the neighborhood soon, so that will give us another cool venue to visit.

There we are hanging out a tonight’s Food Truck Fridays, Rosanne had an excellent Curry Gardenburger from the Hurricane truck, while I settled for a “Brookie” from Creme Caramel itself. This cross between a brownie and cookie was very rich and better than I even thought it might be. I try to check out any new items on the menu at least once, but I hadn’t had a chance to taste this yet. Very yummy.

So, it is a bit odd, but I think we get out in the evening more now than we ever really did before. It looks like it will continue with so much cool stuff coming to the neighborhood.

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