In sickness and in health – End of the Day for February 24, 2014

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The Winter colds have arrived, but I hope that I remain cold-free for at least a little while. Joseph was home with the typical sinus and sore throat complaint, like a lot of other kids and adults. I have noticed that since I had my gall bladder out and lost some weight I seem to be a little less susceptible to colds and such. Unfortunately, this seems to be offset by a higher incidence of allergy trouble. I never really had much problem with that in the past, but it seems I have grown more sensitive as I have grown older.

Of course, with the boy home from school, work didn’t proceed as normally as I would have hoped. I got a lot done, including a question and answer video for a UCLA Extension Voiceover class and my usual, weekly Career Opportunities podcast, but other things had to be set aside. I made us a great big pot of spicy ramen using somen noodles and some do the pulled pork we had left over. Add in a little creole spice mix and it was a great comfort to both of us. I am hope Joe can get back to school tomorrow as it is also an important day of rehearsal for the musical along with all his usual school work.

Recipes in Rotation: Tuscan Sausage and Potato Soup - 1

Not tonight’s ramen, but another one of my warming and comforting soups from dinners past

Recipe: Tuscan Sausage and Potato Soup

Meanwhile I will cross my fingers and toes, drink a little more OJ than usual and make sure U get a bit more sleep, just to stave off anything that might be in the air. For me, I often catch things worse than the original recipient as my immune system seems less capable of fighting stuff off.

They are predicting cooler temperatures and rain from Wednesday though Sunday, so I am also thinking it might be a great time to curl up, hunker down and let the storm (in all its forms) pass on by.


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