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Gardening Gift Guide # 1: Bosmere K767 Garden Compost Bin

# 1 Bosmere K767 Garden Compost Bin I have had 2 of these bins for the past 8-9 seasons and they are going strong. I was lucky enough to get mine at a discount via our local recycling and composting program, but I see them listed here on Amazon.com and you might be able to […]

Fiskars looking for Project Orange Thumb grant applications

This item comes from the Growing a Greener World Twitter feed… Sowing the Seeds of Community Change As a leader in the lawn and garden industry, Fiskars believes in contributing to the growing community garden effort and all it represents — creative expression, beautiful outdoor spaces, civic and community collaboration, healthy hand-grown food and sustainable […]

Flowers on the table

Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner at friends, originally uploaded by dewelch. From last night’s Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner at friends Read more on this topic: Nasturtiums have sprouted! Bag O’ Daffodils

Video: Repairing a damaged soaker hose

After some animal gnawed a large hole in one of my soaker hoses, I fixed it — on the cheap. This same method works for typical garden hoses, too. ** This video was shot using the iPhone 4 as a test of its capabilities. Read more on this topic: New Nasturtiums

Bag O’ Daffodils

Bag O’Daffodils, originally uploaded by dewelch. i must admit, I was tempted by these yesterday when I was at the hardware store. I have a lovely collection of naturalized daffodils in the garden, but this would take it to a whole new level!” I also can’t quite imagine planting all of these. I would have […]

Elsewhere Online: Gutter Gardens

Link: Gutter Gardens I am always looking for great ideas for the garden and this one showed up in my RSS feeds a few days ago. What a great way of making use of those small, yet sunny, area of the garden. I even have an unused piece of gutter lying around that I just might […]

Video: Harvesting Lavender

A short video taken while harvesting some lavender in the garden today. I haven’t harvested these plants before, so they became very woody. I cut them back hard and will do a better job harvesting to try to keep them more green and herbaceous instead of letting them get woody again. Download “Lavender Harvest – […]

Abbey Green, Bath, UK

Click to enlarge In the midst of the daytime hustle and bustle of Bath, just a few steps from Bath Abbey and its busy square, lies Abbey Green, overarched by this large tree. It was a cool and quite respite in the city, and would be well duplicated in any garden. It is a lovely […]

Photo Contest from Gurney’s Seed and Nursery and Spring Hill Nurseries

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery and Spring Hill Nurseries is continuing their photo contests started last month. “For the remaining photo contests, the companies have decided to raise the stakes, giving away two $100 Gift Certificates for each contest; one for each brand.” You need to be a fan of the Gurney’s or Spring Hill Nurseries […]

Elsewhere Online: Cleverly-shaped mirror opens a door in any wall

I repurposed a large mirror from a bathroom remodeling project years ago, but the unique shape of this mirror takes the concept of garden expansion to an entirely different level. MAKE: Blog via Cleverly-shaped mirror opens a door in any wall. Read more on this topic: I Like This – Circular Pod-Shaped Tea House is Heated […]