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Garden Hacks: 10 Ideas for Wire Cloches via Gardenista

I have been looking at something like this to protect our strawberries from various prowling animals like squirrels and such. This article provides links to a host of different cloches for almost any need. — Douglas   In autumn hungry squirrels get serious. You need a strategy to protect cool-weather edibles and other plants from […]

14 Garden Arbor | Douglas E. Welch Holiday Gift Guide 2017

See all the 2017 Gift Guide Entries 14 Garden Arbor From Douglas… We have been meaning to get a trellis for the Lady Bank’s Rose in the front garden for a long time, but it wasn’t growing very fast and we concentrated on other, more important tasks. That all changed this Winter and Spring, though. […]

Tower Garden spotted in Stephens College Cafeteria

It was cool to spot this Tower Garden (2 of them, in fact) in the cafeteria of Stephens College on a recent visit to Columbia, Missouri for the Citizen Jane Film Festival. I have seen a variety of these systems, but this is my first experience with Tower Garden specifically. I did a little research […]

Finally, a new fence in the garden!

We have wanted to replace the broken-down wooden fence on our north property line almost since we moved in 20 years ago, but for a variety of reasons we were never able to make it happen. This week though a young couple became our new neighbors and a new fence was one of the first […]

On YouTube: Protect Your Garden Greens & Plants from Rabbits: Thrift Store Shopping! from Gary Pilarchik

A great way to protect your plants while recycling/re-using. We are looking for something similar to this as the netting we used gets tangled in everything and makes it difficult to weed the beds when needed. For us, we don’t have rabbits in our garden here but rather squirrels, skunks, opossum and raccoons.  While the […]

10 Easy Pieces: Garden Hoes via Gardenista

This article had me lusting for many of the weeding hoes listed. Yikes there are some nice ones and I can imagine using any of them in my garden. I have one at the moment and it is my favorite weeding tool, but a few more wouldn’t hurt, Right? Which one is your favorite? Check […]

WBC Mason Bee House [Product]

I came across this lovely bee house on Instagram and followed the links all the way over to the main website, which has this house and many more. I have been wanting to build some of my own bee houses and these give me some great ideas. See more on BeeThinking.com Read more on this […]

Garden Decor: A Collection of Raised Beds

Garden Decor: A Collection of Raised Beds Raised beds can help reinvigorate (or even create) a garden out of nothing, but I know that many of us don’t have the wherewithal to create custom-built beds. Sometimes it isn’t a bad idea to look to the many companies that have designed raised bed systems of all […]

Garden Addition: Walk-In Greenhouse from Big Lots ($50)

I saw mention of this small, walk-in greenhouse from Big Lots on another garden blog  — I am so sorry, but I don’t remember which. If anyone knows, please share it with me so I can link — and it caught my eye as I had been thinking of buying something like this for my […]

Garden Decor: Torre And Tagus French Bulldog Watering Can

Torre And Tagus French Bulldog Watering Can   Too cute not to share, especially if you are a dog lover (or French Bulldog, lover, specifically) Previously in Garden Decor: Sagaform White/Cream Ceramic Birdy Bird Feeder Round Copper Planters Stump and Plank Garden Bench Garden Window and other great ideas from House and Garden UK Oxidized […]