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Te next thing about the Compass that really is effective is it allows you to evaluate opportunities that present themselves. If you see an opportunity that is sitting up here in this quadrant, you’re likfe Yeaaaaaa. Score! ANd you pursue that with your heart because that is taking you exactly where you want to go. See something going this way? Still good. Still cool. Cool stuff you like doing. I can do that. Stuff I’m doing now. Ok, maybe I can parlay that into a bigger role, a higher salary, a better title. Whatever. Because I have been doing that already. I’m experienced in that. So, when you’re — when you bump into the guys at Starbucks, and he says, “Well, I need this IT guy to come in and do this networking stuff for me” and you can say “Yeah I can do that.” That’s in my realm of my career that I want to head into. 

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