Video: Building a “Hybrid” career from Career Compass: Finding Your Career North

Building a “Hybrid” career from Career Compass: Finding Your Career North

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Maybe you’re a musician, like my friend Andrea, and you have to make things work out. Well, one of the ways for musicians that I often recommend — and for other people that have outside interests — is, if you can’t do the job fully — if you can’t be a full time musician, perhaps you can be a part time musician while working in a company that deals, in some way, with the music business. You can exploit your interest in music by using it in different ways. You could use your knowledge of the music business to actually end up supporting and financing your interest as a musician yourself. I call them hybrid careers. Often times when people are transitioning I will talk to them and I’ll say, “well, what do you do on the side? What other interests do you have?” And perhaps they’re a lawyer or a paralegal or something like that, but they really don’t like working in a law office. One of the things I recommend to them is, “Have you ever thought about working for a software company that makes software for lawyers? Because you have some technical skills and you actually, sort of like the tech side and playing with computers. Why don’t you take your legal knowledge that you built up and you don’t want to simply throw away, but apply it in a different way?” If you’re a musician, why don’t you work for a software company that makes music software for kids? Or develops other projects for children based on on music. There are ways of taking your interests — the things you’re not doing today, but would like to do — and actually either build them into your current career or build an entirely new career.

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