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For me, this is the most important quadrant of the whole compass, because if you are headed in your career here or here, you’re doing great. You’re heading — you’re either doing stuff that you like to do or heading towards stuff you would like to do. You’re understanding that you’re looking for opportunities. If you take a job that is filled with stuff you hate doing or you’re looking at a job you really don’t ever want to do that, you can imagine that is not where you want to be. And yet, I see people there all the time. I talk to people who who are utterly desperate about their work. It is making them sick. i have been in a situation whereI have been made physically ill by my work situation. It’s not fun and it need not happen. Partially, it’s because people have not thought about what they want. Intuitively, they know, but everyday — it’s like the boat wants to go this way and everyday they are turning it to got the other way. You can’t do that. If there is anything else I can reinforce with you today, you deserve better than that and you need to listen to what you want. 

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