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Power Perennials: Plants that Thrive No Matter What via Better Homes & Gardens

I much prefer perennials in my garden as they provide so much beauty for relatively little attention — returning year-after-year just when you need it most. I have a wide variety in my garden from bulbs to flowering trees to azaleas and more. Here are a few more perennials ideas for your garden, — Douglas […]

Make Gardening Easier With The Help of Chickens! via Farmers’ Almanac Gardening Calendar

Fresh eggs are the most obvious benefit of keeping a small flock of backyard chickens. But the benefits of raising chickens reach farther than that—they also make excellent garden assistants. Here’s how gardening with chickens can provide year-round benefits. Spring: Nature’s Rototillers Spring is the perfect time of year to give chickens unrestricted access to […]

10 Easy Pieces: Wood Compost Bins via Gardenista

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started composting, but if you are so inclined, here are a number of fancy methods to get you started in creating your own soil amendments. — Douglas Stylish compost? Not an oxymoron. Here are 10 of our favorite wood compost bins and composting systems, in […]

Why So Many Public Libraries Are Now Giving Out Seeds via City Farmer News

Read Why So Many Public Libraries Are Now Giving Out Seeds via City Farmer News An interesting link found among my daily reading Read more on this topic: Noted: The Royal Horticultural Society’s Allotment Handbook 10 Easy Pieces: Seed-Saving Envelopes via Gardenista News: City of Los Angeles Offers Free Recycled Water for (Garden) Irrigation Ask […]

49 Beautiful DIY Raised Garden Beds Ideas via Urban Organic Gardener

Whenever you are thinking about adding to your garden — or starting a new one — it is a great idea to have as many examples as possible to choose from. This is where articles like this can really give you a lot of ideas fast.   For me, I have installed some wine bottle […]

Get Growing with this FREE Printable Seed-Starting Journal via Garden Therapy

  If you are starting any plants from seed this season, then I have a little something for you! This free printable seed-starting journal is a place to record the details of your planting project such as when you planted your seeds, how many you planted, and an easy way to track your local frost […]

How To Create And Maintain Trails In Your Woods via Cold Climate Gardening

I wish I had seen this guide when I was growing up back in Ohio. There were several farmers who took the time to create motorcycle and snowmobile trails in their woodlots and I am sure a lot of these tips would have come in quite handy. Not sure I’ll have the ability to put this […]

10 Easy Pieces: Seed-Saving Envelopes via Gardenista

What seeds are you saving –and sharing — this year? Share your ideas in the comments! I have been known to filch a few seeds from neighborhood gardens as I am out on my walks. I even sent out a request for prickly pear paddles to propagate and a neighbor was more than happy to […]

Geodesic dome protects cob house and family of 6 in Arctic Circle via Urban Organic Gardener

  When you think about living in the Arctic Circle you often imagine a modern structure with modern facilities. Truth be told, architecture has a long history of keeping a good idea over the years. That is why this cob house under a geodesic dome is all you need in order to have a good […]

How to Propagate Succulents via Gardening Gone Wild

Ever wondered how to propagate a certain succulent? For example, lithops (living stones)…is it possible to take cuttings from those thick, molar-shaped leaves? How about ruffled echeverias…can a solitary rosette be made to offset? And stacked crassulas…what do you do when stems are tightly lined with leaves?  Most succulents can be propagated vegetatively—via stem cuttings, pulling apart offsets, or rooting leaves. To the novice, of […]