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New York City Street Tree Map via kottke.org

Maybe we would pay more attention to our trees if they had a name — and an email address. — Douglas     The NYC Parks department maintains an online map of the city’s street trees — currently 678,674 mapped trees from 422 different species. Our tree map includes every street tree in New York City as […]

Architecturally-Inspired Planters by Anchor Ceramics via Design Milk

Containers are a way to dress up any garden and these are just one example that caught my eye. They are more compatible in a modern design garden, whereas I have a more woodland setting, but some of you might find them an interesting addition or your garden or patio. — Douglas     Founded […]

Raised Garden Bed Made of Wood via Instructables

Yet another tutorial on making raised beds for your garden. Everyone has their own unique way of doing it. Check it out! — Douglas     I love gardening and I love making things from wood. This is how I make my simple raised beds. You just need wood, a chop saw, drill, and screws. […]

If your garden grass is patchy, consider a ground cover instead via chicagotribune.com

Homeowners often are frustrated when the lawn looks bad beneath trees. Starved for sun, the grass is thin and patchy.The problem is that most popular lawn grasses are full-sun plants, according to Doris Taylor, Plant Clinic manager at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle. Even grass species sold as “shade-tolerant” will struggle in deep shade. You […]

Power Perennials: Plants that Thrive No Matter What via Better Homes & Gardens

I much prefer perennials in my garden as they provide so much beauty for relatively little attention — returning year-after-year just when you need it most. I have a wide variety in my garden from bulbs to flowering trees to azaleas and more. Here are a few more perennials ideas for your garden, — Douglas […]

Make Gardening Easier With The Help of Chickens! via Farmers’ Almanac Gardening Calendar

Fresh eggs are the most obvious benefit of keeping a small flock of backyard chickens. But the benefits of raising chickens reach farther than that—they also make excellent garden assistants. Here’s how gardening with chickens can provide year-round benefits. Spring: Nature’s Rototillers Spring is the perfect time of year to give chickens unrestricted access to […]

10 Easy Pieces: Wood Compost Bins via Gardenista

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started composting, but if you are so inclined, here are a number of fancy methods to get you started in creating your own soil amendments. — Douglas Stylish compost? Not an oxymoron. Here are 10 of our favorite wood compost bins and composting systems, in […]

Why So Many Public Libraries Are Now Giving Out Seeds via City Farmer News

Read Why So Many Public Libraries Are Now Giving Out Seeds via City Farmer News An interesting link found among my daily reading Read more on this topic: Noted: The Royal Horticultural Society’s Allotment Handbook 10 Easy Pieces: Seed-Saving Envelopes via Gardenista News: City of Los Angeles Offers Free Recycled Water for (Garden) Irrigation Ask […]

49 Beautiful DIY Raised Garden Beds Ideas via Urban Organic Gardener

Whenever you are thinking about adding to your garden — or starting a new one — it is a great idea to have as many examples as possible to choose from. This is where articles like this can really give you a lot of ideas fast.   For me, I have installed some wine bottle […]

Get Growing with this FREE Printable Seed-Starting Journal via Garden Therapy

  If you are starting any plants from seed this season, then I have a little something for you! This free printable seed-starting journal is a place to record the details of your planting project such as when you planted your seeds, how many you planted, and an easy way to track your local frost […]