Hydrangea ‘Zorro’

I saw mention of this new variety during a recent Gardener’s World episode from the BBC. People are always looking for a hardy and disease free hydrangea. It will still do as many hydrangeas do and turn pink in the wrong soils, so make sure soil conditions are correct or treat the soil to maintain the blue coloration. Zorro is new this year, I believe, so it might be a bit difficult to locate, but will be worth researching for coming years.

Hydrangea zorro

“A newish form of Teller Blue Hydrangea with black stems. Produces deep blue lacecap flowers on acid soil just like ‘Blaumeisse’. The fertile flowers are pale blue, encircled by a small number of large four sepalled sterile florets. A strong robust plant which can also turn pink/mauve on neutral soil.

Position: They perform best when given a shady, cool moist root run and a sheltered aspect. Grow in acid soil/compost with hydrangea colourant for the most intense vivid blue blooms.

Maintenance: Little pruning required just simply thin out old stems and remove the dead flowers to a pair of plump green buds in late spring.” —  Ashwood Nurseries

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