Interesting Plant: Poached Egg Plant (Limnanthes douglasii)


Source: via Douglas on Pinterest

Limnanthes douglasii is a species of annual flowering plant in the family Limnanthaceae (meadowfoam) commonly known as poached egg plant or Douglas’ meadowfoam. It is native to California and Oregon, where it grows in wet, grassy habitat, such as vernal pools and spring meadows. It can grow in poorly drained clay soils. The plant was collected by the Scottish explorer and botanist David Douglas, who worked on the west coast of America in the 1820s. —

I would love to have some more native plants in my garden. This one might like it a bit wetter than I could provide here, so it would probably be hit or miss. That said, I have an area that I would love to fill with this — one of my defunct triangular azalea beds. Maybe I could find a small pack of seeds just to give it a try.

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