Interesting Plant: Hosta ‘Remember Me’

Hosta remember me

Discovered via Pinterest User, Be B

Maybe is was all the host I saw on our trip back to Ohio, but I love the lemon yellow color of this host. In my garden, here in Los Angeles, I would definitely have to set up a special, high moisture, area with separate watering system for host. It simply gets to dry in my garden to support them naturally, I think.

From Bluestone Perennials:

“Emerging leaves are bright yellow with a smoky green edge. Early in summer, the foliage transforms to an angelic snow white with a narrow edge of blue-green. Perfect for a garden of remembrance. Pale lilac flowers in mid summer. Hosta Remember Me is on the small side, but makes a big impression in the garden.”

More information on Hosta ‘Remember Me’:

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