Interesting Plant: Hemerocallis ‘Derrick Cane’ (Daylily)

Daylily derrick cane

Discovered via Pinterest User, Tams Christoph

Another dark — almost black — flower. I don’t’ know what attracts me to these dark colors, but I do love them in almost any variety of plant. It may be because they are so striking in contrast to the sunlit garden and green foliage surrounding them. That and the fact that they are just so different than other flowers in the garden.

Daylily is the general nonscientific name of a species, hybrid or cultivar of the genus Hemerocallis /ˌhɛmɨrˈkælɪs/.[1] Daylily cultivar flowers are highly diverse in colour and form, as a result of hybridization efforts of gardening enthusiasts and professional horticulturalists. Thousands of registered cultivars are appreciated and studied by local and international Hemerocallis societies.[2] Hemerocallis is now placed in family Xanthorrhoeaceae, subfamily Hemerocallidoideae, and formerly was part of Liliaceae (which includes true lilies).” —  Wikipedia

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