Interesting Plant: Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Kalanchoe tormentosa

Discovered via Pinterest User, Zach Revense

Lovely markings on the edge of these kalanchoe leaves. So much variety in succulents and nearly always something interest to see — and maybe even grow in your garden.

“Thick, soft, furry leaves give Panda Plant its common name. Other names for this succulent plant are Pussy Ears and Chocolate Soldier.

Branching from the central stem, the plump, rounded leaves taper to a point. They’re silvery green marked with reddish-brown edges. The “fur” is actually soft, fine hair that covers these succulent plants.

In its native habitat, Panda Plant produces fuzzy, bell-shaped flowers in spring and summer. However, it rarely flowers indoors.

Decorative year-round, it makes a beautiful addition to indoor succulent gardens. Like other succulent types, it stores water so it rarely needs watering.

And like other types of succulents, Panda Plant is tolerant of dry air. It makes a good house plant for heated homes. Just give it plenty of light and it’ll thrive for many years. — Guide to Houseplants

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