Interesting Plant: Linderniaceae (formerly Torenia) Kuaui Deep Blue

The purplish-blue of these flowers caught my eye as I scrolled through Pinterest the other day. The ability to browse visually through all the pins is one things that makes me like Pinterest so much. It is part social media and part serendipity as you stumble across something you have never heard of before — much like these flowers. This reinforces one of the many reasons I do this Interesting Plant series. I figure that if something strikes my fancy you might find it interest, too.

From Spring HIll Nurseries…

“Torenia is known as the Wishbone Flower because of the connected anthers in the center shaped just like a tiny wishbone. The new Kauai™ Torenias have large, vividly colored flowers on compact plants, and they take heat and humidity in their stride! They like moist, fertile, well drained soil, but will tolerate some lapses in watering. A great way to bring easy-care color to your shady spots!”

Kauai deep blue

Discovered via Pinterest User, Bountiful Plants

Torenia is a genus of plants now classified in the Linderniaceae. Often called Wishbone flowers, some species are grown as gardenplants. Many F1 and F2 Torenia hybrids have been hybridizied in the last 30 years. Colors can range from white with yellow throats to violet, blue, cobalt, lavender and purple.— 

More information on Stenocarpus sinuatus:

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