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I have always railed against those who seek to present our children’s generations as a bunch of entitled lay-abouts and do-nothings. Sure, there are some people like that in every generation, but tonight I was able to witness yet another refutation to this over-used and over-hyped stereotype. As I often feel, “The kids are alright!”

We attended Joseph’s annual school award assembly tonight and I walked away quite impressed with the kids that are going to lead this world when I am in my dotage. In some ways, i was also quite intimated. These are some amazing kids, doing amazing things, and they aren’t even out of high school yet. Further, not only do they succeed in scholarship and sports, they also fulfill important roles in volunteering their community and seeking ways to make the world a better place. What more could you ask for?

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Joseph received 3 awards on Academic Awards night — for Excellence in Drama, Excellence in Information Science and Outstanding Achievement in the Technology Focus Program

Looking back on my own high school and college career — and even in my adult life — I don’t quite know how they are able to accomplish all they do. Perhaps it is the energy of youth, but I also think they see how important it is to make your life what you want from the very beginning. They will struggle with many challenges as they grow, but I think many of them will accomplish great things because they know that great things are possible, even as young as they are. I don’t think I had the drive, the knowledge or even the intelligence that these young adults show when I was in high school. Heck, I still feel quite stupid sometimes depending on the topic being discussed. Joseph’s algebra and chemistry is enough to confuse me, even on a good day. When he explains things to me, I am greatly impressed by his knowledge, understanding and — most importantly — application of what he has learned.

While I may be a bit pessimistic about society in general, I am extremely optimistic about this generations ability to make a difference for both themselves and society as a whole. Don’t write off entire generations based on the behaviors of one small minority. For every entitled jerk who is concerned more about their latte than there life, there are thousands who care deeply about themselves, their lives and what the world holds in store for all of us. Seek out these young people. Cultivate them. Help them in any way you can. You very future depends on them!


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