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Monday, March 21, 2005

A Guide to Herbaceous Perennial Gardens in the United States and Canada

Looking for gardens to visit across the US? This guide, provided by the Perennial Plant Associations lists information about hundreds of gardens, botanical gardens and more.

A Guide to Herbaceous Perennial Gardens in the United States and Canada

This booklet is based on surveys being conducted in the United States and Canada by the Education Committee of the Perennial Plant Association since 1985. We are pleased to present the 5th edition of “A Guide to Herbaceous Perennial Gardens in the United States and Canada” with many new additions and revisions of gardens in the States and in Canada.

Our objectives are to identify locations of existing demonstration/display gardens accessible to the public where people can learn more about herbaceous perennial plants. We are committed to provide the ultimate consumers, the serious gardeners with the kind of information that leads to successful experiences with herbaceous perennials. We are also committed to our members for promoting the increasing use of herbaceous perennials in both public and private gardens.

Click the link above for more information!


Anonymous Garden Sole said...

Douglas, Thanks for the pointer to this resource. I was a member of the PPA for awhile but it never really rocked my world. Aimed more at growers & nurseries. Of course I immediately went to my state. It was strange group of links. While there were a few I had never heard of there were also some major public gardens that weren't even mentioned. Not sure what to think of this but I did find a few new places to check out. I do suspect from their names though that they are more commercial in nature.


6:29 PM  
Blogger Douglas said...

Thanks for your comment. I always try to take whatever I can from a site or book or anything and simply ignore the rest. I figure if I get one good thing from it, it was worth the time. Gald you found some interesting places to visit.

12:28 AM  

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