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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Grassy Cleanup

This morning we tackled the grass-filled rose bed in the front garden that I posted a few days ago. Thankfully, all the rain we had kept the soil soft and easy to work. My "wiggle-hoe" did a decent job, although there was a lot of pulling and pushing on the bigger clumps of grass. I shouldn't have let the bed go so long without weeding, but I was afraid of trying to work when it was too wet for fear of compacting the soil even worse than usual.

In 2 areas, along the gravel medians of the driveway and the gravel street-side parking area, I am experimenting with simply mowing the grass and see if it will retain any sort of acceptable look. I normally hoe these areas to remove the weeds, but, honestly, it is too much work for too little reward. We'll see how it works as the summer progresses. At least Joe gets a kick out of pushing our old-fashioned reel mower. After mowing an acre of grass every week when I was a kid, I never want to face it again, unless it is from the back of an air-conditioned, tractor-sized mower in a 5 acre (or more) field. (SMILE).


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