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Saturday, March 19, 2005

A little work

Not exactly gardening work today, but somewhat related. A quick trip to OSH up the street and I bagged some supplies I needed. The first task was to rebuild the clothesline out back. We get a lot of use out of this nearly year-round, but over the last several years the ash tree anchoring one end of it had grown entirely around the rope holding it. I had been kind in wrapping the rope in an old piece of garden hose to keep it from cutting into the bark, but I didn't watch it closely enough to keep it from be absorbed into the tree. This time I made the anchor point much looser around the tree to allow for much growth.

To re-tension the rope, I un-did my square knots, one of the few knots that allow you to easily unwrap them. I then added a little screw tensioner or turnbuckle to the anchor point so I could tighten it further.

The second job was preparation for keeping the garden outside, where it belongs, as Spring and Summer arrive. The screens in my office windows were here when we bought this house 9 years ago and were falling apart. They didn't fit the windows tightly and their were any number of holes. After about an hour I had turned some generic frames in to relatively decent screens..

It has been misting here all day, even raining at times, but it has been a wonderful day to be in the garden. I set up a table under the patio shed roof just outside the back door, so I was out of the wet, but still in the garden. The squirrels were coming right up to our feet to get the peanuts and bird seed I put under the shelter of the patio roof whenever it rains. They sat their happily munching away as Joe and I used the hacksaw to cut the screen parts. The birds were sining in other parts of the garden,too.

Overall, we have a very productive and yet, relaxing day.


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