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Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Taming of the Band-Aid

I came across this web site via Cold Climate Gardening. Watching someone else restore their garden is a great way to learn about your own. Their attention to detail and excellent photos make the site a wonderful visit. I have subscribed to their RSS feed so I can keep up with their challenges and successes.

The Taming of the Band-Aid

This is my attempt at documenting the rather daunting task of returning our 75' X 660' lot to some sort of natural equilibrium. My goal is for our house and our family to exist in a harmonious way with the plants and animals that have been forced to move elsewhere due to poor stewardship on the previous occupants' parts."


Blogger thingfish23 said...

Thanks for the good press, Doug! I will be looking around here for a while, it would seem. That's a pretty exhaustive archives list!

thingfish23, author and proprietor of The Taming of the Band-Aid

7:42 PM  

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