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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Suburban Safari by Hannah Holmes

Suburban Safari by Hannah Holmes

Just finished this book and thought you all might enjoy it. We garden for a variety of reasons...beauty, involving ourselves in nature, environmental concerns or just plain relaxation. Whatever our reason, though, we change the world around us, for better or worse.

In this book, Hannah Holmes takes us to her yard in Portland, Maine as she delves into her garden the way others would research a delicate ecosystem in some remote jungle. We learn about her crows, her squirrels and a host of other fauna that share her property. While Holmes delves into some environmental issues, she always does it with and understanding that there are 2 (or 3 or 4 or 100) effects to every action we choose and sometimes doing good ends up having a bad result down the road. It is a quandary at the level of the Sphinx's riddle to Oedipus.

Still, we garden and, in doing that, attract various forms of wildlife to our yards and gardens.

Suburban Safari is a great read and feels as if you sharing the stories with the author over a nice cup of tea, while Cheeky the chipmunk runs into her lap to steal seeds from a cup.


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