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Sunday, March 27, 2005

California native plants used by California butterflies

This is a great resource for California or western states gardeners looking to attract butterflies to their garden. Individual plant species are matched to the larvae and adult butterflies that feed on them. The page also includes many photos of both butterflies and plants.

California native plants used by california butterflies...

This page shows which California butterflies use which California native plants. To get more details on a plant or for ordering information just click on the plant links. Plant sites give growing requirements pictures and prices.( If there is no link on the plant it is because we do not carry it.) To get more detailed information on butterflies and for scientific names, click on the butterfly links. If there is no link on a butterfly it is because they have not bee written yet. Sorry.

(Via del.icio.us/tag/gardening.)


Anonymous Geoffrey Coffey said...

The relationship of California native plants and butterflies is deep and wonderful indeed. I think you might enjoy the article I wrote last year about Coyote Ridge, a serpentine wildland just south of San Jose, where grazing cows rescued native plants from the weeds and saved a population of rare and endangered butterflies. Check it out, bro.

6:11 PM  

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