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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Basics of Wildlife Gardening

This link is a nice overview of the considerations that go into creating a garden that is attractive, and sensitive to the needs, of wildlife. Even the most urban lot can attract wildlife -- witness my nightly visits by opossums. Birds are easily attracted, as well. With just a few, simple modifications, you can bring a new depth of life to your backyard paradise.

Native Plants - The Basics of Wildlife Gardening

Weblog: Native Plants

Source: The Basics of Wildlife Gardening

Link: http://nativeplants.blogspot.com/

Wild creatures, like people, have four basic needs: space within which they can find food, water and shelter. The goal of wildlife gardening in an urban or small acreage setting is to provide these needs within the confines of a relatively small area. It’s like developing a Wildlife Field of Dreams: create the habitat and they will come!

(Via PubSub: gardening.)


Blogger Rick said...

Thank-you for the link Douglas and keep up the good work!


3:53 PM  

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