New Media 101: What makes a podcast unique? from “New Media Question Time”

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A quick clip from this 30 minute presentation — New Media Question Time for UCLA Voiceover Class.

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What makes a podcast unique? Well that is a very easy question to answer. You are what makes your podcast unique. We are all unique human beings and individuals. We all have our own interests, our own likes, our own dislikes, our own opinions. You are what makes your podcast. Every podcast that has been out there is really about you. It’s about your thoughts, your expertise, your feelings about your topic and that is exactly what you should be sharing. Stand up and, if something effects you, if something interests you, if something offends you, changes are its going to offend a certain percentage of your audience as well. It is going to intrique a certain amount of your audience as well. And that is who is going to want to listen to your podcast.


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