…and it all comes tumbling down – End of the Day for September 28, 2014

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There are days when the world seems to be ganging up on you. Sometimes there are small problems, sometimes large and sometimes unknown. We came home this afternoon to find our front yard hose and decided to burst. It was brand new only a couple of months ago, but it is my guess that the high-heat of the last few weeks and extra pressure created by the heat caused it to give up the ghost. Tomorrow will mean gathering some repair supplies and an hour or so putting things back to rights. Also on the small scale was a hole the popped up in the backyard soaker hose. That will need patched or repaired, too. Nothing too major, but an inconvenience.

The next couple of problems are a bit more serious, though. First, one of my big 3TB drives decided to get all flakey, so I have been spending the evening copying large hundreds of gigabytes of photos and video off to a new drive.. It looks like most everything important is still intact, but no one needs to be spending hours babysitting file copying. Blah! I have some really large folders to copy overnight, but hopefully by morning things will be back on track. Good thing, too, as MOnday arrives with work to do and I really don’t need to be spending any more time in recovery mode.

Finally, a a lot more concerning, just a few minutes ago the neighbor across the street — and next to a house that is being stripped to the frame for remodeling — rang our bell — at 1030pm — to let us know he will be visiting his doctor tomorrow as he believes the contractors have done nothing to mitigate the asbestos and/or lead that was in the home they were demolishing. Hmmm…I hadn’t even been thinking about such things, but I think he is probably right. I didn’t notice any of the usual protections or notices during demolition. I’m probably going to make a call to the AQMD or other appropriate department to see what can be done to, at least, check if the neighborhood was exposed and how much that exposure was. I don’t want to worry about such things too much, but it is probably worth checking out.

All in all, not a great day on several fronts, but I guess that means that tomorrow can only really get better, right?

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