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There is a music in your soul – End of the Day for August 31, 2014

August 31st, 2014

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Joseph has been looking for musical audition pieces and other music to perform lately it has been a great reason to get my guitar out again. I haven’t played much lately, as many of the people I used to jam with have moved out of town over the years. Playing and singing is always fun, but there is a special magic in playing with others. Playing music is like a great conversation — a give and take and give again. Each of you follow the basic structure of the song, but there is always a certain amount of improvisation and playing around that takes place. Great conversation, great dance and great music all share these traits.

I have a small repertoire of songs I can play and sing when asked. As I was playing around with them tonight, I realized once again that most of them are older folks songs, many predating the re-blossoming of folk in the 60’s and many of them are story songs. I love the style, chords and forms of these older songs. In fact, I find I have an affinity for nearly any style of folk music, from anywhere around the world. There is a joy, an exuberance, an honesty and yes, even a sadness that underpins all folks music. I think this is what speaks to me most. I can intuitively sense everything that went into the creation of the music and song.

This clips isn’t one of my favorite folks, but it is one of the few examples I have of me performing, so I figured I would throw it in for a laugh, if nothing else. 

There is a music in your soul - End of the Day for August 31, 2014

You don’t have to perform in public, of course, but I highly recommend you play music, sing, and share your music with others. There is a specific joy and happiness that comes from such small and simple actions.

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