Doing something different – End of the Day for September 12, 2014

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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

And yet, most of use, myself included tend to do the same things, push harder and harder on the same doors, spin our wheels and get progressively more and more — if not clinically — frustrated. As much as we might like to to believe that we”ll do things in our way, with our rules, our methods, etc — sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Instead we just spend each doing the same things — many that haven’t served us very well in the past.

I’ve been doing some quite different things myself lately and I’m finding that these small bits of craziness are helping other parts of my life, too. Playing a different character for one project can help you play different characters in other projects, too. What if you thought a little differently about that new project, that new job, that new date, that new life. Throwing a wrench — purposely — into your life can yield some very interesting results. You don’t want to blow your life up, burn bridges and create havoc, but a little bit of craziness certainly can’t hurt.

What one thing can you do tomorrow that is different than what you did yesterday? Can you take a left turn instead of a right? Order tea instead of coffee? Eat at a new place for lunch? You might surprised at the results it yields. 

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