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Tell Your Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap to play the latest episode of Career Opportunities

January 21st, 2017 Comments off

Do you have an Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap? Now you can listen to the latest episodes and clips of Career Opportunities just by asking.

Simply say “Alexa, play the podcast Career Opportunities” Alexa will confirm she heard you correctly and — if she found the right show — she’ll begin playing the most recent episode using the TuneIn Radio service.

You can skip to the next episode by saying “Alexa, next” or “Alexa, play the previous episode.


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The Career Compass: What Do You Like To Do? from Two Challenges in Building the Career You Deserve [Audio Clip] (1 min)

November 3rd, 2015 Comments off

A Clip from Two Challenges in Building the Career You Deserve with Douglas E. Welch. Watch the entire presentation.

The Career Compass: What Do You Like To Do? from Two Challenges in Building the Career You Deserve

Listen to this clip


Douglas E. Welch ( presents to the class Career Development – Theories and Techniques at Pepperdine Graduate School of Education & Psychology taught by fellow CareerCamp Co-Chair, Danielle Gruen

The two biggest challenges are deciding what you want to do as a career and then building the career you deserve once you decide.

I discuss the Career Compass method of discovering your career wants, needs and desires and then using various social media tools to show people “What you do and how well you do it”


What do you like to do? Let’s start with something as simple as that. What do you like to do? Well, if you look at my blog — you look at my web site — You’ll notice that well, yeah, I like to garden. I like podcasting. I have a love/hate relationship with technology and I start to plot those basic likes and dislikes on the compass. And you can sort of use the distance from the center here as kind of a gradation, too. Like here is my kind of love/hate relationship with technology right now, but gardening I really like and there perhaps there’s something — I really like music, so it’s way out here. And the compass starts to divide in a number of areas. Up here are things you are, things that you are doing now that you like, but these can be aspects of your current job. “You know, I really like helping people. I really like working with the technology. I really like going out on site and doing training.” Whatever. These are the things that you are doing now that you really like. 

Links for items mentioned in this talk:

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2015 – A Year of Teaching with Douglas E. Welch

January 19th, 2015 Comments off

Douglas E. Welch

As we start 2015, I have selected a theme for the year. Over the past several years themes have included: Year of Visibility, Year of Leadership, and Year of Opportunity. This year I have decided to focus on something truly dear to my life and career — Year of Teaching.

A Year (and more) of Teaching

Education — in all forms — has always been a part of everything I do. Whether working in IT, consulting, writing. speaking or coaching, it all comes down to learning and education. Education was always been there whether I was speaking about careers, technology, new media, gardening or any of my other many and varied interests. I’ve always been passionate about sharing my experience with those around me to help them build the career (and life) they deserve.

As part of this Year of Teaching I want to focus on several areas where I think I can have the most impact. Perhaps you can help me in the coming year. I would greatly appreciate your advice, opportunities and your connections to others who might be able to use my skills.

I am looking to formalize my teaching in a number of ways. I am interested in connecting with organizations and students, of all types that could benefit from my experience, skills and, above all, my teaching abilities. Here are a few of the possibilities I foresee:

  • Classroom teaching using existing curriculum or creating curriculum designed specifically for your students
  • Seminar and Guest Speaking – both on-site and remotely
  • Webinars/Online Courses
  • Instructor positions at organizations, colleges and vocational schools

Over the years I have applied my teaching skills to Career Development, Gardening, Technology, New Media and more. You can find many examples of my writing, and both audio and video presentations on my web site at I believe that each of these interests plays off the other and expands my ability to reach a diverse audience of students.

CareerCamp International

CareerCamp International will also continue to be an on-going part of my teaching efforts this year. I’ll be working to spread the word about CareerCamp and help develop as many additional CareerCamps as possible. I believe that CareerCamp provides a great opportunity for people to share their knowledge and experience — teaching important concepts and lessons to those around them. I’d love to bring CareerCamp to your college, school, business or organization. You only need to ask.

A Year of Teaching Begins

2015 is providing a good start for this Year of Teaching. I currently have 4 speaking/teaching engagements scheduled and I am in discussion for several more:

  • New Media and a Career in Voiceover – Pursuing a Career in Voice Overs (Online) course at UCLA Extension Class – January 2015
  • CareerCamp: New Methods for Building the Career You Deserve – 2015 California Placement Association Conference – February 25-27, 2015
  • Transition as the New Normal – Ventura County OPEN Group – February 27, 2015
  • Smartphones, Technology and Your Career – GLAPros – March 12, 2015
  • Career Tools and Techniques for the 21st Century – Career Development Theories and Techniques Class – Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology – March 2015
  • CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2015 – July 2015
I’m looking forward to a great year of teaching — of all sorts — in 2015 and I am wishing you the best year, too!


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Don’t fear change…

December 10th, 2014 Comments off

Dont fear change

Don’t fear change

One important thought to remember about change is that is causes fear, both large and small. Change challenges the status quo and can sometimes seem to turn your life upside down. Yes, change can be dramatic, stressful and frightening, but it can also be illuminating, challenging and energizing — if you see it in the proper light. Feel fear, but then turn this fear into something powerful.

from “Flexibility to Change: The 7 Skills of a Successful Careerist”
Career Opportunities Podcast

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To be flexible to change, we must first learn to recognize it…

December 10th, 2014 Comments off

Flexibility to Change

To be flexible to change, we must first learn to recognize it. Too often I meet people who are doing the mental equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears or their head in the sand. They think that if they ignore a change, it will simply go away. Nothing could be further from the truth. Change will happen whether we wish it to or not. We can either ride the wave of change or let it knock us to the sandy beach like an unheeded ocean wave.

from “Flexibility to Change: The 7 Skills of a Successful Careerist”
Career Opportunities Podcast

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A Call for Your Advice — Contemplating a Patreon fundraiser

July 31st, 2014 Comments off

I need your advice and help?

I have always wondered if advertising was the right model for supporting podcasting and other new media projects, but I hadn’t really seen any other viable alternatives. So I haven’t had advertising on Career Opportunities for a variety of reasons. Recently a system called Patreon appeared and I have been watching how other new media producers have begun using it to fund their shows and reduce their dependency on advertising. I will explain Patreon — and the work required to produce Career Opportunities — and then ask you as always for your advice and guidance.

Career Opportunities Logo Patreon logo

Patreon is similar to crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter, but instead of a one time pledge of support to develop a physical product, Patreon focuses on on-going, monthly pledges to support the development of continuous content. It also allows for fundraising milestones to unlock expansion of content to new shows, services and areas as funding increases.

I have recently been contemplating starting a Patreon page for Career Opportunities to help support its on-going production and also open up my time and energy to new services and content.

A bit of backstory

In 1997, I was asked to write Career Opportunities as a weekly column for the print publication, ComputorEdge in San Diego, California. I was paid weekly for each column and at the time the magazine closed in 2007, I was receiving $125/column (between $500-$625 per month). After the publication folded, I continued writing and podcasting Career Opportunities, subsidizing the time and money needed to create it from my ‘day’ job. I produced about 2/3 of the usual number of columns, but I could not justify dedicating the same amount of time to the writing and production of the show.

Fast forward to 2014. I have left my computer consulting work to forge a new career focusing on new media — including podcast training, consulting and promotion. As you might image, it takes a long time to build a new career. I continue to produce the show, as I believe, from reading the letters I receive, that it has helped many people over the years and I want to continue helping. I need more time to continue this work, though, and this is why I am turning to you — the faithful and long term listeners of Career Opportunities — for first, advice and then perhaps, support.
Please feel free to post comments here on this blog post or, if you prefer, email me directly at

Thank you so much for your advice!

Listen to this blog post


Questions on how to fund the on-going and expanded production of the Career Opportunities Podcast using Patreon or similar systems.

(Don’t feel limited to my possible responses here. Feel free and encouraged to think as widely (and wildly) as you like. Sometimes the best ideas are crazy ideas — Douglas)

  • Would you be open to becoming a patron of Career Opportunities on a monthly basis?
  • What level would you consider appropriate?
    • $1/month
    • $2/month
    • $8/month
    • $12/month
    • $16/month
    • Other
  • What new projects would you like to see as milestones for this fundraiser?
    • Dedicated Career Opportunities Forum/Discussion Group/Networking Site
    • Weekly video Q&A chat live stream
    • Expanded interview series with a variety of careerists
    • Online Speaker Series with career speakers of all types
    • Others (I am open to almost anything that would make Career-Op better)
  • At what overall monthly earning levels should these milestones be unlocked?
    • $500/month
    • $1000/monthly
    • Higher?
  • What rewards would you consider fun/useful for your patronage?
    • Exclusive content only for patrons
      • Career Opportunities would remain free for everyone. This would be additional content
    • Books
    • One-to-One Career Consulting
    • Coffee Mugs
    • Early access to columns and podcasts
    • Personalized career presentation to your group or business on-site (if local) or via video conferencing.
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Midsummer Book Sale — All My Kindle Books 99¢ each for the next 30 Days!

July 24th, 2014 Comments off

That’s right!

As a special Midsummer treat to all my loyal readers, listeners and viewers, all my books are now just 99¢ each for the next 30 days!

Offer expires August 24, 2014

For career-minded types, there is my original book, The High-Tech Career Handbook, Cultivating You Career Reputations and, for those looking to decide where to take their career, Career Compass: Finding Your Career North.

Social Media fans can check out Social Media Self Preservation and learn how to take advantage of social media without losing your mind.

Finally, fans of A Gardener’s Notebook might like my collection of gardening essays, From A Gardener’s Notebook.

Read the Kindle book using your Kindle, Computer or Mobile device!

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Walking a path that, perhaps, was not the path for us – End of the Day for July 21, 2014

July 21st, 2014 Comments off

End of the day Logo

Originally posted to the End of the Day series on My Word with Douglas E. Welch

Sometime this afternoon, I looked up at the clock on the wall and said, ” I don’t remember the days going by this fast when I worked in an office.” Indeed, I don’t. It seemed that days would drag by as I performed one tedious task or another. As much as I liked parts of my past jobs, there were more parts that I loathed — and even wondered why they existed at all. Such is the nature of work, I guess. If you aren’t doing something that interests you, personally, in some fundamental way, it will seem boring and tedious. 

Of course, some of what I was doing today was tedious, too, but there was some underlying reason for the performing the tasks that would, hopefully, result in some change, some improvement, some earning. These reasons can help you push through those difficult periods when things just simply MUST be done, whether you want to do them or not. Now, you wouldn’t want to spend your entire, career or life doing only these tasks, but if you can find that little grain of NEED in the task, you can get it over and done with. Then you can move on to something else.

Along the path, St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life

At age 50, I often wonder if I waited far too long to finally have the time and space to do the work I am doing now. This is the first time in my life I have been able to truly focus on particular goals in my life without the constraints (well, fewer constraints) than I had earlier in life. There has been many times in my past when I was feeling I was progressing down a new, better road only to have my attentions diverted into more necessary, productive and “normal” activities. Each time this happened, I did what needed to be done, but I think I lost a little bit of myself — a piece, a peace, and energy which I will never get back. You can create the best world you can today, but I wonder sometimes if it can or will ever be as good as it could have been, had I started down the path earlier in life.

You’ll never know if this is the case. Nor will I. A quote of unknown origin comes mind. “Life can only lived forwards, but only understood backwards.” In many cases, I think this is deep cause of the regret we often feel in our lives. Somehow we feel that path that led us to this location is the path we should have followed. All we can do, though, is take the next fork in the road and do the best we can.

Previously on End of the Day:

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Motivational art from Gapingvoid Art and Hugh MacLeod

June 16th, 2014 Comments off

I am not usually a great consumer of traditional motivation posters and such. Too much off it comes off as traditional and rather meaningless cheerleading at best and claptrap at its worst. Several years ago, though, i discovered Gapingvoid and Hugh MacLeod’s art and have been following him ever since. I am subscribed to his web site and his daily newsletter which brings  bit of the Gapingvoid magic into my world every day. Hugh has a sensibility about work and careers that closely matches my own and I easily find myself and my thoughts in his artwork. You should definitely check out Gapingvoid when you have a free moment. I think you will find some excellent material there, both visual and textual, that will make you think — which I consider one of the biggest gifts that any art can give.

Gapingvoid has a series of products available directly from their web site, but they also sell T-shirts directly via, where I am an affiliate. Why not bring a little joy and deep thought into both your life and the lives of those around you, by carrying a Gapingvoid message with you always. I hope you’ll find something here that resonates with you, as it does with me. A small portion of each Amazon sale goes directly towards supporting Career Opportunities.

Gapingvoid T-Shirts on

Gapingvoid tshirts

Click for closeups and pricing.

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Networking should be an integral part of your life… from the Career Opportunities Podcast

June 10th, 2014 Comments off

Networking quote

Networking, and other career-building efforts, should be an integral part of your life, not something you strap onto the side. Instead of worrying about numbers or specific people, learn to engage others, all others, in conversation. If you can do this with any regularity, you will find that the quantity and the quality of the people you meet will take care of itself.

Career Opportunities Podcast with Douglas E. Welch
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