Thinking About “The Great Resignation”? — Find your next career with “Career Compass: Finding Your Career North”

Are you looking to become a part of “The Great Resignation” and find a new career?

Wouldn’t you love to have a magical compass to lead you through your life? One that would always show you the right answers on tests, lead you to the right college and then to the right course of study at that college. It would lead to your first job, your first (and maybe last) love and always show the path ahead. This isn’t some idle fantasy. We each have a compass to show us the way. This compass, of course, is our desire, that feeling, that pull, that tension — in some cases, an overwhelming flood of feeling that says “Yes, this is the way — this is the one — this is where you need to go!”

Career Compass will teach you how to use your personal compass to lead you to a more fulfilling career.

Thinking About

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