New Booklet: Career Compass: Finding Your Career North

I have just released a new booklet in Amazon Kindle format and I wanted you to be one of the first to know.

This ebook can be read on almost any device including Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android device — and, of course, the Kindle Readers.

Artwork for Career Compass: Finding Your Career North

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Career Compass: Finding Your Career North
by  Douglas E. Welch

This career booklet (5100 words) can help you to find the true direction of your career and guide you on that journey.


  • How do you discover which job and career is right for you?
  • How do your desires point you in the right direction?
  • How to discover and stop your from moving “Due South” — exactly the wrong direction in your career?
  • How can you use the Career Compass to evaluate new opportunities?

From the introduction…

Imagine if when you were born you were given a magical compass to lead you through your life. It would always show you the way. It would show you the right answers on tests, lead you to the right college and to the right course of study at that college. It would lead to your first job, your first (and maybe last) love and always show the path ahead. This isn’t some idle fantasy. We each have a compass to show us the way, if only we would take it out of our pocket and use it. This compass, of course, is our desire. Instead of a needle, it is a feeling, a pull, a tension — in some cases, an overwhelming flood of feeling that says “Yes, this is the way — this is the one — this is where you need to go!”

Douglas E. Welch
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