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Elsewhere Online: Gutter Gardens

Link: Gutter Gardens I am always looking for great ideas for the garden and this one showed up in my RSS feeds a few days ago. What a great way of making use of those small, yet sunny, area of the garden. I even have an unused piece of gutter lying around that I just might […]

Elsewhere Online: Cleverly-shaped mirror opens a door in any wall

I repurposed a large mirror from a bathroom remodeling project years ago, but the unique shape of this mirror takes the concept of garden expansion to an entirely different level. MAKE: Blog via Cleverly-shaped mirror opens a door in any wall. Read more on this topic: I Like This – Circular Pod-Shaped Tea House is Heated […]

Project: Rotating Compost Sifter

This is a neat little project I might try to put together here. I currently just use a piece of hardware cloth to sift the compost, but this would make it a lot easier and also allow me to sift it much more quickly. I came across this project via my RSS subscription to Henbogle. […]