Vertical growing, whether upside down (tomatoes) or right side up (the strawberries below) has been a big trend of late. The fact is though, vertical growing has long been a way to make the most of small space. Espalier is a way of pruning fruit trees to have them grow in a flat plane i.e. against a wall and yet still produce abundant fruit. I have recently seen pallet gardens — shipping pallets filled with soil and place vertically — for growing on apartment balconies, too.

This creative idea builds on the concept of the traditional strawberry pot, but allows you to plant as tall as you might wish. This picture I found on Pinterest links to a Flickr set of photos, but it seems pretty clear that they have taken a length of PVC drainage pipe, cut out holes for the plants and then filled it with soil. I could see 3 or 4 of these in a row along a sunny fence. Water is probably added from the top and allowed to flow down each tube.

I have updated the post with this photo and link to a much more detailed walk through of a similar project.

Strawberry Tower photos an info from Backyard Gardening Fun blog.


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More information on growing strawberries:

4 thoughts on “DIY: PVC Pipe Strawberry Planter”

  1. This works great for strawberries-try the ever bearing ones so you have some to pick all summer. I have found that soaking some polymers ( water retention crystals ) and layering them every few inches in between layers of potting soil really helps keep them from drying out in the heat of the summer.

  2. Hmmm, photos been made private so I have to remember what it looked like, I would guess the holes for the plants should be 2-3 inches, maybe? This new photos and link shows things in a lot more detail, too.

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