Tackling another project in the Summer garden cleanup here today. This is the large rose bed in the back yard. Not many roses left here, as the trees have blacked the sun more and more in the years we have lived here. I am thinking of ideas to refurbish this bed, but cleaning it up after the big Spring leaf-drop was definitely needed first.

We used many of the “extra” trees that were planted in the garden as edging around this bed and others. After several years, these small limbs and trunks have broken down almost entirely. I think we will still be able to use some of them, but I am already looking for replacements. I am going to try out some wine bottle edging around one of the smaller beds as a test. If it works out, I might expand it to others.

Here is a look at the rose bed before and after…

Rose bed cleanup Before

Not a bad change. My wife likes to do the edging, so I think she will work something up there. I want to top dress the bed with some of our compost to make it look a bit nicer and also cover the new soaker hose I also installed today. I think the squirrels were the one’s chewing holes in the old one, so a bit of “out of sight, out of mind” might be best.