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Friday, May 07, 2004

Move towards the light(s)

I spent an hour or more messing about with the landscape lights in the front yard today. This included a quick trip to Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) up the street to replace the expensive little halogen bulbs ($9.99/2 bulbs) used in the 3 flood lights. All three of them had been flaky or gone out entirely over the last month. There is also a chronic problem in getting the clamps on each unit to grip the low-voltage wire and let the power flow. I think I have solved that problem, though. The little teeth inside the connector that actually pierces the insulation on the wire get bent out of alignment. A quick push with the screw driver and things were working much better.

My son came out into the yard to help me during the procedure and actually picked up a weeding tool and started in on some nut grass and spurge growing the driveway. Woohoo! Someone to help me with the weeding. With all the hot weather we have been having lately, we are in great need of some weeding.

This weekend starts a series of book signings for my wife, though, and gardening time will continue to be in short supply for the foreseeable future. I am the official photographer, kid wrangler, wine pourer and, also, head flunky. (SMILE)

A quick feeding of the birds, squirrels and hummingbird feeders ended our afternoon in the garden.


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