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March 2013

Garden Vocabulary: Parasite/Parasitism

This Garden Vocabulary series seeks to introduce and explain to you — and in many cases, myself — words and terms associated with gardening. Please let me know if  there are any terms you would like me to explore. You can leave your ideas in the comments section and we can learn together! Parasite/Parasitism “Parasitism is a […]

Photo: Front Garden Panorama this morning

Up early for school drop off this morning, so I grabbed this panorama in the early morning light. Click for full size image Read more on this topic: Garden Alphabet: Morning Glory (Convolvulaceae) Video: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day 2012 – Photo Montage Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front steps Video: Beautiful and Productive Garden Video: […]

Video: What Douglas Dug…Show 009 – March 11, 2013 – Photoshopped flowers, carrots, rosemary topiaries and more!

Our ninth episode of What Douglas Dug…, our regular review show of neat gardening items I have found in my Internet travels. In this episode, A Cheap cold frame, garden sculpture and more! Can’t see the video above? Watch “What Douglas Dug… Show 009” on YouTube  Watch all the past episodes on the “What Douglas Dug…” YouTube playlist […]

Interesting Plant: Oxalis versicolor

Interesting Plant: Oxalis versicolor Source: bakker-it.com viaDouglas on Pinterest Source: plant-biology.com via Douglas on Pinterest Oxalis versicolor Candy cane colored flowers! This beauty has mounds of clover-like leaves. Gorgeous red and white spiral shaped flowers. Fine for gardens or baskets. Grows up to 12″ tall. Prefers full to partial sun. Blooms in summer. Hardy in zones 7-9. — from Direct Gardening […]

Video: Container Garden Update 018 – Seedlings, kale and a hanging pot

I check on seedlings in a recycled container, check on the kale and lettuce in the main pots and talk about my hanging pot that needs to be turned on occasion. Can’t see the video above? Watch “Container Vegetable Garden Update 018” on YouTube Watch the “Container Vegetable Garden” Playlist for all related videos More info […]

Elsewhere: How Low Can Hedges Go? Discover Unusual Garden Borders from Houzz.com

How Low Can Hedges Go? Discover Unusual Garden Borders Read more on this topic: Elsewhere: Terra Cotta Garden Bed Borders Elsewhere: Great article and examples of using astilbe in your garden from Houzz.com Interesting articles from Houzz.com – Grasses, ornamental trees and raised beds Pinterest: Great Design Plant: Paperbark Maple from Houzz.com Video: Beautiful and […]

Garden Inventory: Lemon

Garden Inventory is a series where I begin an inventory of all the plants and trees in my garden. Along with some of my own pictures, I will link to various sources of information about each plant and tree so we can learn a little more together. I would also like to highlight your special plants […]

Spring is coming! Really, I Promise!

  SPRING IS COMING! Living here in Southern California at this time of year, I like to offer hope to those of you living in colder climes — Spring is coming!!! I have eaten strawberries from my container garden already and have potatoes and onions rising from the soil. It will soon be the same […]

Garden Alphabet: Morning Glory (Convolvulaceae)

Morning Glory (Convolvulaceae) I love morning glory, even though here in California they can get a bit invasive. This picture comes from a neighbors garden, as I really don’t have enough sun to grow them where I would like. The shocking colors make such a statement no matter what colors they  are against. Morning Glory […]

Garden Decor: Tolkein-esque Garden Door

A lovely Tolkein-esque door spotted on Pinterest Source: bing.com viaHana on Pinterest   Read more on this topic: Video: What Douglas Dug…Show 006 – Gates, structures, walls and more! Video: What Douglas Dug… Show 002 – Podcast What Douglas Dug… Show 003 Video: In the garden…Bees What Douglas Dug…Show 008 – Garden markers, blue pumpkins, […]