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Friday, September 02, 2005

Career-Op: 100th Podcast - Don't Wait

A few words of thanks before we get to this weeks column. First, to my wife Rosanne, my in-house editor who touches everything before it goes out, many heartfelt thanks for catching all the missing words and punctuation. Also, thanks to my son, Joseph, who now understands why he has to be quiet when Daddy is recording his show. Finally, thanks to all of you who read and listen to Career Opportunities. There would be no reason at all to write my columns or produce my podcasts without you. Your questions and comments are eagerly awaited at or as comments on the web site at Please keep them coming. I want to insure that each show is as helpful as possible and your comments are always welcome.

As if I needed it, this week I had an object lesson in the important principle of "Don't Wait!" I try always to take this to heart and usually manage to operate under its precepts, but a combination of events led to a series of yet other events that needn't have happened. Thank goodness, the damage to data, and self-esteem, was minimal, but it teaches an important lesson that bears repeating.

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