Video: Accepting Opportunities from “What is success…and why you might have it already?

A New Paradigm of Success from “What is success…and why you might have it already? 

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Now, I’m also not telling you to ignore opportunities that come your way. Because, the fact is, sometimes these opportunities that happen to fall in our lap, are what can lead to something like this. Just by shear dumb luck. Just being in the right place at the right time. So, don’t stop looking for opportunities that preset themselves. Those are great gifts that you’re given. You happen to meet that right person here at CareerCamp. You happen to sit down at coffee next to someone who has a great idea that ties in perfectly with your idea. You happen to meet the right mate for your spouse. I look back and I met my wife on the first night of Fall semester of my freshman year in college through shear dumb luck — and we’ve been married for 26 years. Any — there are so many different ways that could have just blown apart and we never would have met, but the opportunity presented itself and it has been a wonderful opportunity. So, don’t ignore those opportunities when they present themselves. Sometimes we think, oh I can’t take that job because that’s too much of a change. No. Think about it. You owe it to yourself to at least think about it. Maybe it’s in a different industry. Maybe it’s a slightly different type of work. Maybe someone has seen in you something you don’t see in yourself. At least investigate it. At least check it out and say. “Oh, maybe I could do this.” That is where your true power in success comes from. It’s by following those opportunities that present themselves.

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