Video: The Ebb and Flow of Transition from “Transition as the New Normal” with Douglas E. Welch

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One of the other big things about the fear of transition is you start to think, “I can’t be in transition forever. I will go out of my mind.” And the fact is, your will be in transition forever and, no, you won’t go out of your mind. It can sometimes feel like life is a bit crazy sometimes — and it can get very crazy. I had a health thing 2 years ago that kinda flipped my life upside down for a couple months and totally unexpected out of the blue and it did toss things around. Actually, it kind of pushed me, early, into a transition I was already planning on doing about my career. The amount of transition in your life has an ebb and a flow to it, though. It’s like the waves washing up on the beach. Sometimes it’s more chaotic. Sometimes it’s more gentle and it ebbs and it flows and it comes and it goes and you need to see that the state you’re in today may not be the state you are in tomorrow, on both ends of that spectrum. Today may be a really high transition day — the bus didn’t come on time or they cancelled the line or whatever and the other days it maybe, you know, chill. You need to recognize the differences in those periods. 

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