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Garden Decor: A ladder in the garden

A Ladder in the Garden Ladders — whether retired, actual ladders or ladders specially made to be decorative can dress up any gardener. Here an old orchard ladder is used to hold potted plants and leans against a whimsical garden shed. No matter what style of garden, though, I think ladders can always find a place […]

Chelsea Garden Show 2013 this week

This week marks the 100th anniversary — The Centenary — of the Chelsea Garden Show in England. I have never been able to attend, but each year I watch from afar as show gardens, new plants and new ideas a shared via the web, YouTube and more. You can check out the basic of the […]

Garden History: Pittville Gardens, Cheltenham, England

What is it about water in the garden? Are we attracted by the sound, the sight, the reflections that dance across the surface? It is sure that water elements in the garden attract humans and wildlife like flowers attract bees. There is something soothing and contemplative about water whether it be a still pond, or […]

Garden History: “Willowmere,” Rear Admiral Aaron Ward house, 435 Bryant Avenue, Roslyn Harbor, New York (LOC)

One element I see in many older gardens is the concept of “massing” large numbers of a particular plant in one area. This is true of any garden, of course. Planting one or two specimens leaves them looking a bit forlorn, but planting 10, 20 or 30 of them gives them and edgy and a […]

Video: Frieda’s Garden on Fullerton Beautiful’s 2013 Garden Tour (17 videos)

Frieda, from Frieda’s Garden on YouTube has just posted a host of videos from her day at Fullerton Beautiful’s 2013 Garden Tour. I am working my way through the videos, but what I have seen so far looks quite amazing. Join Frieda as she tours some of the finest gardens Orange County, California has to […]

Garden Decor: Decorative Garden Trellis become a Tuteur (garden tower)

Decorative Garden Trellises become a Tuteur (garden tower) A great reuse/upgrade for the standard trellis you find in most garden and home stores. Spray paint in your favorite color, then wire them together upside down from their usual orientation. I am thinking I could even find a decorative pot or other “topper” to crown the […]

Garden Decor: Japanese Garden Water Fountain

Japanese Garden Water Fountain A lovely and heavily naturalized Japanese fountain. I love the way it fits in the garden and the contract between the dark stone and light-colored bamboo. There is another form of fountain that I also like called a “deer scare.” These fountains use the water to tip a piece of bamboo […]

Garden History: “Villa Sciarra,” George Wurts house, via Calandrelli, Rome, Italy. (LOC)

What is there so special about overarching trees, even relatively young one’s like these. There is a sense of protection, enclosure and peacefulness. It is almost like the trees are keeping the dangerous outside world…outside. Of course, the wolves can always get through the woods, if they wish, bit as humans we still feel enclosure […]

Elsewhere: How Low Can Hedges Go? Discover Unusual Garden Borders from Houzz.com

How Low Can Hedges Go? Discover Unusual Garden Borders Read more on this topic: Elsewhere: Terra Cotta Garden Bed Borders Elsewhere: Great article and examples of using astilbe in your garden from Houzz.com Interesting articles from Houzz.com – Grasses, ornamental trees and raised beds Pinterest: Great Design Plant: Paperbark Maple from Houzz.com Video: Beautiful and […]

Garden Decor: Tolkein-esque Garden Door

A lovely Tolkein-esque door spotted on Pinterest Source: bing.com viaHana on Pinterest   Read more on this topic: Video: What Douglas Dug…Show 006 – Gates, structures, walls and more! Video: What Douglas Dug… Show 002 – Podcast What Douglas Dug… Show 003 Video: In the garden…Bees What Douglas Dug…Show 008 – Garden markers, blue pumpkins, […]