End of project blues – End of the Day for September 14, 2014

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After spending all day out in the heat for the last 3 days — I am burnt to a crisp. No actually sunburn, but I am whipped. In Italian, on would say distrutto. I feel like I need to spend the next week in an ice bath and sleeping. Another couple days of 100º temps coming but then finally a bit of cooling towards the weekend. It will be most welcome.


As is always the case at the end of any project, it is time to reflect and wonder what to do next. Whether it is the end of a run with a play, completing a big business project or, as it was today. wrapping the shooting on a student film there can always be a bit of a let down. We used to call it “The Blue Funks” among my school theater friends, but I am sure there are many names for it. You have spent so much  time and focus on a project, it can a bit hard to readjust and re-enter the day-to-day world. Tomorrow will be that day for me as I struggle to get back on track and into my “normal” life again.

Did I learn anything from this experience? Oh yes. I’ll be using it as the source for some upcoming Career Opportunities columns elsewhere here on the blogs. Anything that pulls you out of your routine is a great source of new ideas, new thoughts and new material for all the other projects in your life. You just have to capture those thoughts and ideas so you can put them to use over time. You’ll never be able to use them all at once, so you need to write them down — either handwritten, electronically or both, so you can return to this well of ideas again and again in the coming weeks.

Now that this post is done, it is time to think about what the next step, the next post, the podcast, the next bit of work will be. I have so many options to chose from!

Night all!

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